Services delivered by Clinical Supervision PLUS

Clinical Supervision PLUS offers services in:

These services have been designed to support operationalization of the position statement of the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN), and the Australian College of Midwives (ACM), which recommends that all nurses and midwives, irrespective of their specific role, area of practice, and years of experience, engage in Clinical Supervision.

To achieve this, the ACN, ACMHN, and ACM recommend that:

  1. Clinical Supervision is embedded in all nursing and midwifery undergraduate and vocational education as a component of professional practice.
  2. All nurses and midwives are fully orientated to Clinical Supervision upon entry to their relevant workforce and have access to Clinical Supervision that meets their individual needs.
  3. All Clinical Supervisors of individuals and groups undertake specific educational preparation for this role and engage in their own regular Clinical Supervision.
  4. The nursing and midwifery professional bodies advocate for a national standard for the educational preparation of Clinical Supervisors.
  5. All employers of nurses and midwives positively support and actively promote quality Clinical Supervision through organisational policies, procedures, and workplace culture.
  6. Regular systematic evaluations of the quality and efficacy of Clinical Supervision arrangements are undertaken at the local service level, taking care not to compromise the integrity of confidentiality agreements between supervisors and supervisees.
  7. The nursing and midwifery professional bodies advocate for investment in robust Clinical Supervision programs throughout the health and aged care systems to support implementation and sustainability.
  8. The nursing and midwifery professional bodies advocate for investment in outcomes-related research to strengthen the Clinical Supervision evidence base and for continuous improvement.
  9. The nursing and midwifery professional bodies collaborate with industrial associations to incorporate Clinical Supervision within Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.
  10. The nursing and midwifery professional bodies take an active role in interdisciplinary collaboration and advocacy for Clinical Supervision.